Super Nutrient is created from whole plants and contains the nutritional ingredients needed to maintain or build good health. When used at least one time a day, Super Nutrient will provide every nutritional element needed to maintain health or achieve wellness. $40

Digestive Aid promotes health in all digestive organs (stomach, small intestine, pancreas, gallbladder and liver) $32

Bowel Stimulant keeps your primary elimination channels open by stimulating natural movement of the large intestine and bile excretion from the liver/gallbladder. $20

Intestinal Cleanser-1 (IC-1) The body was created for 90% of its diet in raw fruits and vegetables. This is difficult, if not impossible, in the modern world, so IC-1 helps supplement the fiber you need to keep your intestines cleansed of the normal, day-to-day waste material. $35

Intestinal Cleanser-2 (IC-2) is designed to absorb toxins and poisons that have accumulated in organs, blood, and tissue and then is eliminated through the large intestine. $35

Liquid Detox This special liquid dissolves chemicals of all kinds by breaking the chemical bonds into non-harmful molecules. Two or three drops in any beverage, hot or cold,  neutralizes harmful chemicals, microbes or agents which might be in the beverage. You don’t have to buy water or purchase expensive filtering units; five drops will purify up to one gallon of water. $40

H2O2 is simply the scientific name for Hydrogen Peroxide. It is a naturally occurring water-like liquid that has many practical applications both inside and outside the home. H2O2 looks like water (H2O), but that extra oxygen molecule makes this natural water additive one of the most powerful oxidizers known to man. It is formed in nature by the action of sunlight on water. It's even found in honey! $15

HCG Detox (refill)......................$45


Clarkia is an alcohol based tincture of black walnut, cloves, and wormwood that works as a parasite cleanse .................$20

Seasonal Allergy continuously feeling like you have a cold or itchy eyes, headaches, low energy?  Could be seasonal allergies.  Relieve symptoms and help strengthen your immune system. Your body doesn't need the daily fight.................$20 small bottle, $35 lg bottle

Dog/Cat Allergy Sneezing, itchy eyes, throat closing up? No need to avoid your four legged friend...just a few drops and what a difference!...................$20 small bottle, $35 lg bottle

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