"Katie is a kind, caring and compassionate professional who always goes above and beyond for her clients.  She has treated our whole family, including our animals and has made such a difference in our lives!  If we have a physical, emotional, or spiritual issue, Katie is always the first person I contact.  We have been seeing her for the past 5 years and I would highly recommend her.  You will be amazed at what you learn about your health!"     Sue 

"For six years I have been a client of Katie's.  I was sold on the technique of TBA my first visit not just because of the success of the healing, but because of the compassion and dedication that Katie has for her work and clients. I had a neck pain for over 2 years and Katie was able to determine that I had a parasite in my neck caused by blueberries.  She gave me a remedy, cleared some emotional issue and in 11 days the pain was gone. Since that time, I continue to follow up with Katie whenever I feel as though I am off...physically or emotionally and need a tune up.  Katie gets to the root cause and using her different tools, skills set, she is able to help me through any physical or emotional stress that life brings."  Mary Ann

"I have used Liquid Detox for over a year now, and it is the most useful product in my "medicine cabinet".  Last winter I was experiencing respiratory issues, a sore throat and general fatigue.  I was told to use 12 drops of the Liquid Detox and 6 drops of H202 three times a day.  After the first day of dosing, I felt 75% better.  Within 3 days, all of my symptoms were gone!.

Its like a miracle in a bottle! "I also suffer from cold sores when I am stressed or have been out in the sun for too long.  At the first sign of a cold sore, I apply a drop or two to the area for a few days and the cold sore does not develop.  If I don't get to it immediately, it begins to emerge, but the Liquid Detox shortens the duration. I now keep one at home and one with me at all times.  

Its worth every penny!"  Judy

"This winter, the stomach bug went through the house. First one child, then another , and then my husband. I felt like I was getting it and reached out to Tracy and Katie for help. The remedy they made me eased my symptoms. I was able to function compared to the others in my household. My family seemed to be suffering for days, it was much faster for me."  Deb

"I have seen Tracy for more than two years, initially to get help for some sleep troubles I was having.  I was reluctant at first, not really understanding much about what she does. Any hesitation I had diminished when I met her. Her warm, sincere personality immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. Not only was Tracy able to help me with my sleep issues, but since then, she has been an amazing resource for our family in many ways, from helping with allergies, anxiety, and beyond. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy and her holistic methods of helping people. She truly has a gift and has been a gift to our family."

"I tried everything in western medicine to clear my foggy brain and nothing worked.

But after three weeks on Tracy’s remedy, my brain issues were gone!

Then during my son’s first semester of college, Tracy was an absolute lifesaver when he experienced severe stomach and anxiety issues. Her holistic remedies and recommendations are what got him through that stressful transition period."

"Tracy and Katie use a variety of therapies to treat physical and emotional health issues at the cellular level. Over the 5 years that I’ve been a client, Tracy’s treatments included TBA, the Whitten Method, Bach Flower Remedies and Ear Coning, while Katie treated me with Tuning Forks." 

"We contact Tracy at the first sign of something being “off” and feel fortunate to have her guiding our health/well-being. And we trust her so much that we rarely have to consult our western medicine practitioners.  We really can’t say enough good things about the benefits of working with Energy Works Health and relying on their expertise in healing the mind/body/spirit."  – Marie

"I recently had a painful swollen gland in my jaw from a blocked salivary gland beneath my tongue. I could feel the blockage and the swelling was noticeable on the right side of my jaw.  I have had these before and take about 2-3 months to subside. Tracy recommended 5-6 drops of Liquid Detox 3 times a day. About 15 minutes after after my third application I felt a small "stone" under my tongue. Low and behold the calcium growth freed itself and the pain immediately subsided and swelling was reduced as well. By the end of the day I was pain free.

Some people who suffer from these flair ups require costly antibiotics or even oral surgery. Needless to say I was happy Tracy was able to help me so quickly and inexpensively"......Jim

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