Given the proper tools, the body can heal itself on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. .

TBA (Total Body Analysis)is a method used to find the root cause(s) of your complaint or symptoms of disease, illness, or imbalance. Using applied kinesiology, muscle testing, the practitioner develops a remedy specifically for you. We may discover heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, EMF's, and/or emotional issues that are causing your symptom or complaint.. TBA consultations are available in person or by phone. $65 for 60 minutes; $85 for 90+ minutes

Whitten Method is a healing system designed to remove energetic obstacles so healing can occur. During a session, you lay on a massage table while the practitioner works over you to clear negative emotional charges, limiting beliefs, and other impediments so you can heal and function at your highest level. The goal is to free up all the vital energy and encourage self healing. $85 per session 

HCG  Diet/Detox is a restricted calorie cleansing program. You'll experience rapid weight loss as well as resetting the hypothalamus, which controls how we store fat in the body. When working properly, the hypothalamus stores extra fuel for food as normal fat instead of storing as abnormal fat that cannot be easily accessed or used. $90 per session 

Other Modalities

Bach Flower Remedies are a blend of flower essences unique to the client that will balance their negative emotional state.  $35.

Tuning Forks are tools that use resonance to achieve inner balance. $10

Ear Coning  is a technique that uses 100% beeswax dipped muslin cones specifically chosen to open up the respiratory system and/or chakra blockages. $40

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